Using multiple filters

I’m looking to set up a site that offers info about cars based on year > make > model
Is there a way to use tags to filter this way? Everything I’ve seen really only uses one tag for filtering

Interesting use case @BuffaloRob! Are you wanting to have pages that exclusively show cars in those grouping types? You could utilise primary tags and regular tags to create a hierarchy to your groups? Make could be the primary tag and model could be a regular tag. Year could also be a tag, however you could use the publish date as the year the car was released? Then create channels that group up the cars by the year. Check out our docs on creating channels and using post attributes to construct channel URLs:

@DavidDarnes Great recommendation using the year as publish_date. I’m going to check this out but this seems like it could work, thanks for the help. And yes, we would like exclusive pages for every year of every make, so every Chevy Camaro from 1967 - 2020 would have a unique post or page

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