UX for upgrading from Monthly to Annual broken

I have users that are attempting to switch from Monthly to Annual subscription.

When logged in, they click avatar in upper right corner to get menu.
Select “Account” to bring up page labelled “Your Account”.
Click “Edit billing info”.

INSTEAD of bringing up the next modal, it goes immediately to Stripe as if the user wants to change their payment method.

Hit the (Back to) MYSITE.COM link at the top of the Stripe page, it goes back to the blog, putting up an error growl that “Billing info update failed.” However, now a modal opens up labelled “Your account”, that has options to Edit name/email, Change Plan, or Update billing.

There, the user can finally hit Change Plan.

This screen should appear immediately. Why is the user being taken incorrectly to Stripe first? Very wonky UX for the user and is confusing my subscribers.

Any fix?

Running Ghost 4.4.0 on Ubuntu 18 via Node 14.16.1.

Upgraded to Ghost 4.6.5 and UX is still the same. Would love to know if I am doing something wrong w/ Settings, or can correct this in source.

I simply want the portal modal to come up FIRST. If the user wants to enter new payment in Stripe, they can do so from that modal (Update billing link).

Hey @muji , editing billing info is expected to open Stripe for changing billing details. if you want to open the Portal popup to account instead of opening the Billing info, you’ll need to update your theme to use a link to account page instead of billing info by updating it to - /#/portal/account/plans or simply /#/portal .

thanks, i adjusted the link on members/account.hbs and all is well.