Questions for Authors Who Use Ghost for Fiction

Hi there

I’m an indie author that’s currently thinking about dipping my toe in a subscription model and serializing some of my work this way and I had a few logistic questions that I thought the community might be able to answer.

  1. How do you handle multiple pen names if you have them, Do you split them up across various newsletters or is there just one?

  2. Do you only put new material on your page or do you do the same with back catalog? And if you put out your back catalog do you remove it from other online stores and are exclusive to yourself?

  3. When someone subscribes to your premium content, do they then have access to all of your premium content posted on your page for that 30 days? And how does it prevent someone for signing up for one month and reading all that they can?

  4. Do you look at subscriptions as a yearly thing? For example, would subscribers have access to your content created that year only?

  5. Are there any resources you suggest I take a look at?

  6. What should I do with my old mailing list? Should I transition them to the free newsletter automatically?

Thank you for all your help. And please let me know if there any other important concepts that I might not be thinking about.