Variables on Ghost

Hi all,

What is the easiest way to set variables on Ghost? For example, I have an url that I often use in my posts but this url may change. Not to go through all the posts and manually update the url, I would prefer to have it defined in one place.

Is this doable? Sadly I haven’t found a straightforward solution, I would appreciate if you suggested a direction where to dig.

Thank you

Ghost doesn’t have arbitrary variables you can set, though I think there are other solutions to your problem.

You could try a link shortening service like which allows you to change the target of a link, so you wouldn’t need to update your posts if the destination URL changes!

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It would be super nice, if that new Snippet functionality let you do just that.

You would be able to edit a Snippet and it would change in all the older articles/pages containing said snippet. That would be powerful! :slightly_smiling_face:

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