- Add custom fields to your Ghost blog

Hello everyone!

My name is Charles. I have been a silent reader of this forum for a few weeks now but today I decided to write my first post :smile: Hopefully I don’t get banned :sweat_smile:

While lurking around, I saw that custom fields / metadata for posts was something that was asked quite often. Since Ghost doesn’t offer that I have created Gaspr, a web app that allows you to add custom attributes to your posts in minutes. To see Gaspr in action checkout this video

After setting up your blog with Gaspr, it only takes 4 steps:

  1. You can create custom fields of type text, long text, number or JSON. I am currently working on boolean (true/false) and if the community express some interest for other types I would be happy to consider.
  2. You create a template using Handlebars and your field IDs
  3. You enter data for your posts
  4. Add the one line HTML snippet for your template to your post as an HTML card and save. Gaspr will take care of rendering the post data using the template even

What can you do with Gaspr ?

  • Create templates and custom fields for things that you always have to add to posts but changes based on the post (recipe information, book information, music, etc)
  • render custom fields in the header of your posts (Pro plan only, see below)
  • Social media buttons based on the post url or slug
  • Display anything in your posts that you want automatically added with very little input from you

Gaspr comes with 2 plans, both offering a 14 days trial:

Basic - $10/month

  • 1 template per site
  • your template can only be added to the content of the post as an HTML card

Professional - $20/month

  • unlimited templates per site
  • Add template to content plus the header and footer

Gaspr is my attempt to provide a feature that I think the community needs so feedback from you guys is greatly appreciated


Hey @charlesloubao,
Congrats. Great product

thank you!

You are welcome!

This is interesting. I feel this type of product is enterprise oriented. But I would want to use something like notion, airtable or google sheet to manage my data.

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FYI i’m no developper guys…just able to tweek the htlm and css a bit hence i 'm looking for any help available here

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Thanks for your feedback! The tool is not enterprise oriented. I made tried to make it easy for people comfortable with basic HTML skills to create templates. With very little knowledge it is easy to get started. Let me know if you have any other questions

You are exactly who this is for. People with very basic HTML skills. let me know if you need any help :slight_smile: