Verification/Activation Email Sent Twice (Upon Initial Subscription + Paid Membership) :(

Hi, all. I’m running a self-installed ghost instance version 3.13.1 with the latest Lyra theme and with Mailgun configured via config.production.json. I also have email configured via the “Labs” settings.

All is working fine except I’m receiving the activation email (“:raised_hands: Complete your sign up to {{site.title}}”) with the email verification link twice:

  1. First time upon initial submission of the email to the subscribe form (as expected)
  2. 2nd time upon logged in user upgrading to paid membership, immediately after stripe checkout form is submitted. (not as expected)…

Any ideas as to what could be causing this?

I couldn’t find any bug reports on the topic.

Hey @citizenkevin, would you able to shed a bit more light on this? Possibly screenshots of what people are seeing? Not sure if this is an issue with Lyra theme or with how Ghost is working.


@DavidDarnes Just reproduced the issue on the Lyra demo site:

🙌 Complete your sign up to ${siteTitle}! email gets sent after 1) initial signup (first email drop) AND 2) after paying for membership subscription.

Both emails contain the same content:

I don’t think this is the intended behavior. There should either be some sort of “subscription confirmed” email or no email at all.

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Yes I’ve hit this too - very annoying bug. I think we’re already tracking it somewhere, but not sure of the status. @fabien would you mind having a look?

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By the way @citizenkevin, thanks a lot for providing this extra detail and screenshots :+1:

Sure thing. Thanks for looking into it @DavidDarnes and @John

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@fabien were you able to track down this bug in the issue tracker? I haven’t been able to find it and I’d like to be able to track it/contribute to it if I can.

This is creating a bit of a hangup between me and driving members to publication, as sending users extra emails goes against my principles. (I’ll just have to suck it up for the time being, but want to do whatever I can to get it fixed. Or at least monitor it.)

This is currently tracked internally, we have a lot of requests/bugs reported and whilst this feature is in beta, we are tracking and prioritizing them internally.

I’ve updated the issue with a note to update this thread when it’s being worked on/done though - so you will be informed!

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@fabien would you expect it to get addressed in the next week, month, 6 months, or year?
I’m happy to leave it to the professionals, but if it’s gonna be a month or more (or in currently indeterminable), I may just want to dig in and see if I can find the issue.

I’m afraid I can’t say - we try not to give timelines of things like that! You’re welcome to have a dig around however, though I would attempt to confirm expected behaviour first.

e.g. is there a time limit? If a user signed up for free 6 months ago and then pays via Stripe - should they receive no email to confirm that? There a probably a few cases like this that’ll at least need acknowledgment/consideration!

For reference the related code is here: