Video Hosting and Streaming

Here is a useful bit I found while researching cheap and efficient video hosting and streaming alternatives to YouTube, Vimeo and others.

$5/month gets 1000 minutes on Cloudflare Stream. No ads, no muss, no fuss. Upload and embed into Ghost posts. Stupid simple, and just works…

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  • $1/1,000 minutes of video watched. But still, thanks for the heads up.

Or you could try your hand at installing and running an instance of PeerTube.

1 Like is another open source, video hosting option. Free to install and run on your own.

It’s new and more bootstrapped compared to Peertube. 500MB per video upload size is free, with their paid option unto 2GB at $4.95.

@denvergeeks oh this is great, exactly what I was looking for. Cheers for sharing

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Also just to throw this in, Cloudflare stream videos embed horrible in Casper, the responsive option does not show the video at all.