View site [Admin Panel] - can't get used to this


This may be trivial but it what annoys me most is that View Site is basically in footer of the admin
and I have to go all the way down with a mouse.

Couldn’t maybe that be below/above logo icon, in top area, it would be much better.

I don’t know if this is a quirk or would someone else in community agree with me,
but I felt the need to say it.


Hey @diomed :smile:,
Thanks for the feedback and the suggestion, we’re going to keep this in mind when it comes to improving the sidebar / navigation.


I agree it is a nuissance imho as well. I would add the link to view site either below the name of the site or separate the behavior on the name of the site with click on the logo/name to view site in new window and click on the arrow to open the options there.

I have the same issue with the publish link as I think it shouldn’t take two clicks to update a story.



This could also be useful. - to fill blank void in the left with that button / link


version 2 came out, things stayed the same.

could anyone tell me how to move that to above, manually?