VintCerf.Wine using Massively

Using the Massively theme (design by HTML5UP, available HERE) for a new site I’m developing:

Anyone wants to join in the fun, let me know, I’m welcoming help.

Hi dg,
I’m just starting to use ghost myself, and eager to learn more about the platform. What web hosting service do you use to host your ghost install?

I’m having some trouble with ghost on Heroku, and I’m not if the issue lies with my hosting company or I need to learn more about ghost.

That being said, I’m willing to collaborate with you on this project, I need all the experience I can working with ghost.

Welcome, @jsopher!

I’m using Fast Comet for my Ghost hosting. Here is why.

It would be most helpful if you could outline your specific development abilities and preferences – Thank you!!

Well I’ve been a programmer for over 10 years now. Right now I’m excited about building new themes for ghost using the handlebars markdown syntax.