Ghost Skeleton Theme

Hi All,

I’ve been using Ghost a lot recently to convert some old Wordpress sites. I was getting fairly annoyed at going through and removing a lot of the styling stuff from the Casper theme and giving it a clear out to start from scratch.

So, I’ve built a Barebones/Skeleton Theme for Ghost which can be installed to start from scratch.

Grab it on Github here.

Any feedback pop an issue on Github.


Veeeeeeeeery cool. Thanks !

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No probs. Enjoy.

Hello @JMKelley !
I’ve finally found the time to dive a little bit into your starter theme. Could you please provide the gulpfile.js that you use to developp the theme ? I’ve an error message in my terminal when trying to run Yarn.
That would be very much helpful :slight_smile:
Thanks !

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Great idea…

Added a basic gulpfile.js to the theme, expand/reduce at your leisure. It’s fairly basic and should be used as a jumping off point.

Hi, can I check if gulpfile.js supports ES6 ES2015 javascript? I think it will throw an error if there are ` characters in the Javascript string. Maybe the barebones gulpfile should support ES6?

Thanks a lot !

@chenningg If you’re up for doing this that’d be great. Submit a pull request :slight_smile:

Would love to help but I don’t really know Gulp and how Ghost uses it yet… might find some time to learn it over the coming weeks so I’ll see.