Want to add Ghost blog on custom domain on www.example.com/blog

I want to add ghost blog on my domain… like www.example.com/blog
ghost version 2.8.0
can i install and configure ghost blog like this url www.example.com/blog ???

Yes, you can. Just use this URL when your setup process asks you for it.

If you’re on Ghost Pro you can follow this tutorial:

No i dont have Ghost Pro…

want to install blog in that way in which www.example.com/blog is home page of blog platform

It’s quite hard to provide helpful information without knowing anything about your setup…

Where do you try to install your Ghost blog? If you do it on Digital Ocean, there is a one click install with instructions here:

If you install on any other VPS, you have instructions here (recommended stack Ubuntu + nginx + mysql + nodejs):

More specific resources here:

And here:

You can also search in the forum as the topic has been discussed before:

Let me add that this question have been asked over and over here on the forum. You might want to search for answers I provided in the past. Cheers!

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