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Hello everyone,

I have tried to install ghost within a folder like “/var/www/myfolder/” and tried to configure SSL at the time of installation.

SSL configure failed that time, so I have uninstalled Ghost, then installed again without SSL.

It shows Ghost installed and running successfully.

But when I visit The http://sub.maindomain.com it automatically redirects to https and shows nothing.
though I can access the admin area normally on http by visiting http://sub.maindomain.com/ghost/

Can you tell me how I can remove or disable the redirecting to https?


Can you try this in incognito mode, so no browser history, cookies etc?


Thank you very much. Yes it works in incognito. My bad, I should have checked it earlier before posting here.


Don’t worry, been there too. Try to delete the browser history for this particular URL and then you should be fine even without incognito!


Already done that and it’s working perfectly. Now I can work on my theme peacefully :smiley:
Thanks a lot for your help!! Love from India. :heart:

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