Ghost, DigitalOcean, SSL, and infinite redirects


I’m brand new to Ghost after using Wordpress for a long time. So I’m still learning. I created an account on DigitalOcean, got everything setup and running just fine, and pointed my domain ( there. But I’m running into an issue with getting it running on https.

I followed tutorials, and it all seemed to be working. I can load the site at and But, in the Ghost admin, if I try to change the navigation links to include “https” instead of “http,” they automatically reset to “http” upon clicking away from the field.

Alternatively, I tried using “ghost config url” in the CLI to change the site’s default url from “http…” to “https…”. However, upon doing that and restarting Ghost, any time I try to load a page, it gets stuck in an infinite redirect loop. Resetting the ghost url to “http…” fixes that.

Can anyone help? I’ve been searching both Ghost and DigitalOcean documentation and can’t figure it out.

Thank you!


Try to also clear your browser’s cached files and cookies when you make the change to https in the config (and that should be the correct setup anyways), the 500 errors can come from that as well.

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