WARN {{#get}} helper took 257ms to complete

I’m getting these warnings in the server logs. More output:

{{#get}} helper took 257ms to complete

Error ID:

Error Code:

    api:          v3.[object Object].browse
      filter: featured:true+tag:leben
      limit:  5
    returnedRows: 5

Can anyone point me in the right direction to fix those?

Looks like you might be misusing the {{#get}} helper. Have you seen our documentation on it? Might help you to debug your issue:

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Thanks, @DavidDarnes. I took a look at the docs. I found this remark:

Please note : This is a powerful tool, that has the potential to be overused and cause problems on a site.

Specifically, I’m using this request in a dev environment:

{{#get "posts" limit="4" include="authors" filter="featured:true+tag:leben"}}

You think this is already too much?

I don’t think so, it could be the lack of ram you’re giving the site. Would explain the SLOW_GET_HELPER error code

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So, I tried it on a server now, but the problem persists. It’s a 2 GB ram server.
I’m - or actually the template I bought and adapted from the Ghost marketplace is - using 7 of these get helpers on the frontpage. Maybe the 7 separate calls cause the problem?

Oh, that is a lot. That would explain the performance issues. Could you share what you’re trying to do with those #get helpers? Maybe there’s an easier way :slight_smile:

Sure. Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:
Well, I’m adapting the World-Times theme from your marketplace (https://themeforest.net/item/world-times-newspaper-magazine-style-ghost-blog-theme/23013116?ref=GBJsolution) and on the front page it uses the get helpers to get 4-7 posts from various categories/tags.

Ah I see. So does this theme already have 7 #get helpers on the home page? Or are you adding to it? You might be able to use a different method fill the home page without using as many

Yeah, it does. I think even one more. Only thing I added is the featured:true filter. How would you suggest to change it? Loading a bunch of posts and sorting it clientside? But then you can’t make sure to have every category/tag filled.

I think there could be performance improvements in this theme. I see that @GBJsolution is the developer of this theme, can you provide more information on how this theme is meant to be used and if there can be performance improvements?

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