Way to make toolbar and + icon appear permanently in editor?

Is there a way to set the editor to show the toolbar and the plus-in-a-circle icon permanently rather than have them come and go as one types or clicks the mouse?

Reason I ask: I’m trying to get some folks to become contributors/editors for our volunteer organization’s website. These folks are not naive. They are used to other editing environments, but they are not developers. Their initial reaction to this editor is basically: how do I use this? The editor is a roadblock to achieving what we want on the website because it is not clear how to use it.

From experimentation, it appears that the toolbar comes up only if you double-click on some existing text. It disappears when you are actually typing text. So if you are entering a new post, you can’t see the controls to (e.g.) enter a link. Similarly, the plus-in-a-circle does not come up regardless of where you click with the mouse. You only get to see it when you hit the enter key. This is like a “find the treasure game”, where the treasure is the controls needed to write a post. But the people involved don’t want play games, they want to spend their limited time getting stuff done.

There is lots of room on the screen to put these controls somewhere where they’re always in view. Why would not want to see them all the time?

URL: bikeloudpdx.org
Ghost version: 3.21.1 (currently blocked from updating but will soon)
Installation: linux
Browser: Chrome 84, Firefox 79
Node: v10.16.3

So, no responses to my query?

If what I propose can’t be done today, I propose that (a) these items be put on the wishlist for the future; (b) the claims that this editor is easy to use be removed from the documentation.

@mhl you are welcome to propose concrete improvements in ideas section on this forum. You should communicate clearly the reasoning behind what/how/why you would like to see changed. If that gains any traction the team will be more than happy to consider the change.

“Help” is a section where community comes up with solutions to problems.There should be no expectation to receive help for every single inquiry.

Done. See this post.