Web application could not be started by the Phusion Passenger(R) application server

Hey, everyone im trying to install ghost cms on my aws lightsail but getting error everytime.

  • What’s your URL? This is the easiest way for others to debug your issue

  • What version of Ghost are you using?

  • What configuration?
    1 GB RAM, 1 vCPU, 40 GB SSD

  • What browser?

  • What errors or information do you see in the console?
    its installed successfully

Error :-

wakdocs@ip-172-26-1-47:/var/www/docs.wappkit.com$ ghost doctor
✔ Checking system Node.js version - found v14.17.6
✔ Checking logged in user
✔ Ensuring user is not logged in as ghost user
✔ Checking if logged in user is directory owner
✔ Checking current folder permissions
✔ Checking system compatibility
✔ Checking for a MySQL installation
+ sudo systemctl is-active ghost_docs-wappkit-com
Instance is currently running
ℹ Validating config [skipped]
✔ Checking folder permissions
✔ Checking file permissions
✔ Checking content folder ownership
✔ Checking memory availability
✔ Checking binary dependencies
✔ Checking free space
✔ Checking systemd unit file
✔ Checking systemd node version - found v14.17.6


Is there anyone who can assist me in this matter?

hey i see the site is working, how you solved this cause i got the same issues?