Webhooks not sending all date (no authors, only primary tag)


After a couple of days working on Ghost, I’ve just discovered that the webhooks aren’t sending the author(s) and only sends the primary tag, not all the tags. I’ve just found a githib issue about it - Author not included in `post.published` webhook event · Issue #13451 · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub

I’ve left a comment there but does anyone know anything further on this, it was reported 7 months ago and it seems like quite an important thing not to be fixed yet.

I’m planning to use Ghost as a headless CRM so need to get the author. What I’ll have to do for now is put the (unused) Ghost frontend behind a password and set something up so that when my app gets the notification of the new post, it then loads the page on the Ghost site and parses the author (and tags). It’ll work but it’s a hack.