Send author info on post published and author "wallet"

I’ve been trying to find a way to have a paywall, or pay to read, to Ghost posts.

I can actually do it in a hacky way but need to collect some info from webhooks!

  • collect staff member (contributors, authors and editors), on creation to link their ID to a wallet in LNbits
  • collect “primary_author” id when a post is published, so I could try make a code injection for the paywall and also to know what wallet to credit. Right now author is not included for webhook “on post published”

Not sure I understand the question fully - but Ghost has memberships and payments/paywalls built-in natively. More info on the homepage:

Hi, and thank you for your answer! I’m not quite looking for memberships, at least not now, I’d like to offer like a platform where authors could publish content and get paid when users read their content, in Bitcoin, directly to their wallets!

In fact, a way to have a custom paywall injected, that reveals the content after payment is received would be much easier! But I’d need the author’s info to know who to credit!