Webinar July 2nd: Localization with Ghost, DeepL and Make.com

The nine-language spaziocrypto.com Ghost site got the attention of Make.com - we are running a webinar on the 2nd of July where I’ll break down how we did it.

  • Fast site loading - we’re at 2 seconds TTI Time To Interactive
  • SEO features with localized URL’s and metadata
  • Context-aware AI translations with DeepL to English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, German, Japanese and French.

Unexpected bonus: 80% lower monthly costs compared to WeGlot and dynamic site-translators.

We integrated Ghost (CMS) Make.com (Automation) DeepL (Translate) Placid (Images) Baserow.io (Database) Cloudflare Workers (Custom API) and Anthrophic AI (Sam Altman is unhinged, so no OpenAI/ChatGPT)

  • Translation: Publish the same content on eight localized sites in less than 30 seconds, ensuring lightning-fast loading times and customizable translations.
  • CMS Integration: Explore how Make.com seamlessly integrates with Ghost - enabling efficient content deployment across multiple platforms.
  • AI-Driven Social Media Posting: Discover how we leverage AI to generate branded images and craft engaging social media posts automatically.
  • SEO: Dive into our SEO strategies, including submission to search engines.
  • Language Switching: Explore the complexities of language switching and how we’ve overcome them to provide a seamless user experience - using Make API’s to access Datastores

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Welcome everybody, looking forward to seeing you there!


I have signed up.

Will this work in this way instead of your example


This is really interesting, definitely going to sign up.

I have toyed with the idea of using Make.com and AI for localization but the costs just aren’t worth it, in my opinion.
You have the AI modal cost and Ghost Site costs (I use Pro) which, without generating money from your site, could be massive burden on some creators. AI generated translations aren’t always correct either so you’ve got that to think about.

Would really love to do something like this and would honestly love my mind to be changed.

Weglot translates websites using Deepl and Google. Deepl handles most translations, especially in the EU and Asia, due to its accuracy. Google is used more in the Americas. Weglot’s webinar highlighted Deepl’s effectiveness but noted that integration requires extensive coding, which Weglot simplifies.

I left Weglot because of the cost. Weglot charges around 300 Euros per month for 10 languages and 1,000,000 words. Deepl, in contrast, costs me only about $5 per month for a site with over 400 pages and 4 languages. With Weglot, I’d pay close to 299 Euros even with 400 pages and 7 languages, as they only offer 200,000 words, whereas Deepl’s threshold is much higher and more cost-effective.

Download Deepl’s app for mobile and desktop to see its power. It’s an amazing product.

Consider the long-term costs and SEO issues of being locked into Weglot. If you leave Weglot, you lose all your paid translations, similar to the lock-in experienced with Azure or Contentful.