What are the links to show posts based on its accessibility?

Hello all,
I’ve been looking for the links to display posts based on its accessibility (e.g., public, members-only, paid members-only, certain tiers only). I was thinking that this is possible in similar manner of tags links, but I couldn’t find a way to do this.
Is there a way for me to create links to display posts based on their accessibility?
Many thanks in advance.

I’m not sure if I know exactly what you’re after, but posts have two properties that seem related:

visibility - equals the post access level like public, members, etc.

access - equals true or false depending on the visitor staus. If the post is members only and the visitor isn’t logged in, then this property will be false.

In templates, you can access both of these properties and check for them with the match helper.

See more here: Ghost Theme Development: Building custom membership flows

Hello, thanks for your reply!

Oh, I think I misused the term… I must have meant visibility:
(it’s called Post access here: public, members only, etc.)

I’ll try to rephrase my question better: Is there any way to get links that automatically shows posts with certain visibility?
The objective is for me to provide the links to the public, and for example: users that don’t have an account only sees public posts without being interrupted with posts that are locked for signed-in members in the post list.

I tried to do this manually by making custom tags called public, members-only, etc. but this is a workaround filtering. You can see how I did it on this page (the first two tag links are the ones that matter in this case):

No, there’s no automatic link for this. Generally, publishers want to users to see all available content as an incentive to become members.

But you could create this kind of page on the template level or via custom routing.

Oh, I see. I’ll give this custom routing a try, although I may take some time trying to find my way around to learn how it works…
Thank you very much for the information!