What exactly are 'memberships' in the Ghost context?

We are evaluating Ghost for a large project in which we need to have a section of our site that is a sort of ‘blog’, with curated articles, which we want users to be able to comment on.

  • The site will be built in NextJS and we need to integrate the blog seamlessly into the rest of the site.
  • One day we’d like to be able to have users perhaps publish their own posts on the site
  • Is this what ‘memberships’ are used for?
  • We can’t store any login information on the site itself for data protection reasons. Do Ghost memberships offer social media logins?
  • Is there any sense of when ‘memberships’ will come out of beta?

Thanks for any info!

You can find out more about members on our site, and in our documentation. What you are describing is users, which you can find out more on here: