What is the best way for pair ghost theme development?

Hi everyone! I’m new to Ghost and would like to work on ghost theme development with my friend, what is the best setup for this if we’re using github for versioning?

We have an account with the admin client app. This is already deployed and live. Things are already configured in there but we want to change the theme.

We each want to have our own local development so we installed the ghost cli and we will want to base our theme off of Casper. Should we be pushing the whole environment to our git (content, current, versions folders) and work like that to ensure versioning or should we only be pushing casper theme and then when we are satisfied, put it in a zip and upload it in our admin app?

It seems ghost already took care of deploying our website so I’m not sure why when I run ghost locally, it redoes my local ghost admin app (re asks me to invite friends etc).

I hope this makes sense!

First I would say separate the production instance…
for developing theme setup a Development instance ghost install local

On dev instance use github only for the theme folder content/themes/casper

Deploy the theme to production with github action https://github.com/marketplace/actions/deploy-ghost-theme

oh perfect! ok thank you!

You are welcome!