How to setup local environment for theme development?

Hey everyone,

Having some trouble getting the local setup to work when using a different theme other than the default. I ran ghost install local and then deleted the casper folder, replacing it with massively.

Is there a step I’m missing? Do I need to zip the massively folder before putting it into the project?

You don’t want to delete the casper folder, it’s the default theme so if your other theme fails, Ghost needs something to fall back to

There are 2 ways to get Ghost to find a theme -

  1. Upload a zip of the theme (easiest)
  2. Move the theme to content/themes/{name} and restart ghost. Your theme should show up in the Settings -> Design section of the admin panel

Ahh okay thanks, I didn’t realize that Ghost needed the casper theme.

Would step 2 be the way to go if I’m trying to do live development? I don’t want to have upload a zip every time I change the template

Yep! You might need to restart Ghost a couple of times, especially if you add or remove a file :slight_smile:

Got it! Lol I was overcomplicating things in my head. Thanks again

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No problem! Glad you got it working :slight_smile:

You should be able to see local changes by running ghost start -D to see local changes being applied.
(-D or development)