What is the best way to change the domain of a Ghost installation?



I would like to change my domain site, for example:
www.domain1.com to www.domain2.com on the same server.
Please, what is the best way to do this?

  • Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V and configure Nginx?
  • A new installation in domain2 and then I copy the domain1?


  • Ghost version: 2.12.0
  • Dev: Linux Mint | Nginx
  • Production: Digital Ocean | Ubuntu | Nginx
  • Firefox | Chrome | Chromium


@coyoterj I will actually be working on this feature pretty soon in Ghost-CLI, stay tuned for more updates :smile:


Probably the only way to do so is to download the content of your Ghost installation, re-install it with the new domain and re-upload the exported content until that feature is being added to Ghost-CLI.


@acburdine Good news! I’ll stay tuned. :wink:

@marvin That’s it then … Let’s go to work! :grinning:

I’m really enjoying the Ghost. Thanks from Brazil!


Good luck :wink:

Glad you’re enjoying it. I’m a Ghost fan as well, finally I can leave WordPress behind for good :face_vomiting:


I have used several cms, being Drupal for a long time.
Ghost, really is a beautiful surprise. :slight_smile:


Hi there,

I’ve written up a guide for this when I’d done this.

Hopefully it’ll work for you without any glitches.
(Backup things before using DigitalOcean snapshots so you have something to revert to)

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