How to migrate server with Ghost


I want to change the server (VPS) what is the recommended procedure to perform the migration?

I install ghost on the new server, then import the database and transfer the domain, so as to avoid downtime (I hope)

The problem is that installing ghost with the command “ghost install” I will be asked for the domain name and installation of the certificates, which I will not be able to do because of the dns not yet transferred.

Can I complete the installation later without problems or should I transfer the domain first and then install ghost?


Any info?


You should be able to install Ghost by using your current domain and certificates and only do the DNS switch when you’re ready with your migration (meanwhile you can point locally your DNS to the new server so you can work on it).

Other than that, the recommended way to migrate a Ghost blog is to export your content to json, move your content/images folder manually and then import the content json into the new installation. The team is working on an easier migration option as far as I know, but it’s not yet ready.


How i install Ghost on new server with my current domain ? i’m using it on actual server

When i do “ghost install” it asks for domain and ssl

Do you mean, i have to install Ghost on new VPS with another domain, and after DNS propagation i change ghost url ?


When Ghost asks for domain and ssl setup just use your live domain information. You will not be able to access the newly configured server as your DNS still points to the old server. But you can setup your computer DNS to point that domain to the new IP so you can configure it and move the data (assuming you already downloaded your content json and your images from the old server).


Well, but i’ll not be able to install SSL on newly configured server because DNS still points to old one, right ?

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