What is the process in building a list?

Does ghost have the capability to build a list, Is there any segmentation available?
ex: I only want to send the email to people who opened in the last 120 days.

Or should I only manage list through excel and upload a bulk list?

Thank you!

Edgar, I suspect you know a lot about segmentation. Ghost can do a lot of segmentation, especially if you have your own install. It can’t do everything.

Ghost offers a lot of help pages on the topic and some are repetitive of what’s set out on another page: no bad thing imho. You can easily search for them.

There are also lots of suggestions that can be googled. Here’s just one that may be of help, but it’s hard to be sure because both of your questions are succinct (always a good place to start). And I have no doubt spending more time hunting around than I did would produce even better core info.

The whole question of importing lists to Ghost is yet another BIG topic that is of course related to Segmentation, but in terms of moving from one platform to another is genuinely a separate matter. And there are Ghost help pages and forum posts that cover what’s achievable, what’s not achievable and how to tackle the task.

I’m not an expert on subtle aspects of Ghost Segmentation, nor of the subtleties of Membership List import. However, maybe I can get you going by saying that many forum members do have those skills and then there are also specialists you can find to help in The Marketplace.

So, to get the best from those specialists, perhaps a more specific question or questions on Segmentation and another specific one on Subscriber Import might be quite productive of ideas here.

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