Member email list cleaning

Hi folks!
Quick question about member list imports. I’m importing a bunch of member emails and will be sending out newsletters, but I wanted to know -

Is there an inbuilt email cleaning service in Ghost? As in, does it query Mailgun to validate emails? Or do you guys manually clean the email lists using some other tool?

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You can filter members based on open rate and then perform bulk actions (like delete or unsubscribe) based on that

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Wow, this feature looks handy! I tried a few combinations and I can feel the power :smiley:

A not-so-quick question: what do I do about emails with failed delivery reports (i.e. which end up not getting delivered)? Mailgun has set some rules about delivery failure ratio, so I’d like to minimise them. Right now I can do that by setting filtering for “Emails sent (all time) is less than 1”, but it would be nice to have an explicit “Delivery failed” filter.

An alternative option would be to filter by signup date, so everyone who has received zero emails and signed up before the specified date could be cleaned out (but we can leave in newcomers who’ve just signed up and not got a chance to receive an email).

(These questions are somewhat hypothetical, though, because I have enough tools to filter out the small amounts of “bad” subscribers I have now :slight_smile:)

Does anyone if there is an integrated tool with Ghost to go through and validate emails and then delate ones?