What's the roadmap for comment moderatio?

So I’m a total newcomer to ghost but a long time developer of node/bookshelf apps. I was originally going to slap on disqus for commenting before realizing how bad of a service it’s become.

So I’m happy to find the built in comment system but it seems to be quite basic and is lacking lots of basic features for moderation. Has the team discussed how they want to expand this feature?

I briefly looked at the code in CommentController, Service, model and it seems like it would be quite straight forward to add a comment moderation page and query against all comments right?

But that would be table stakes, it would be much nicer and more competitive to offer some sort of hook so that we can attach comment moderation features to arbitrary tools in the comment pipeline.

The way I think about it, what other 3rd party commenting platforms give us is streamlined product and integration to spam/hamrful content tools in exchange for less control of our content. But the ideal would be to use the builtin ghost system, but have freedom to plug in other tools.

With the boom in stuff like gpt and other models, it would be a no brainer to let comment moderation be offloaded to AI for larger sites.

Would love to hear what you’ve already been thinking. Thanks

My understanding is that the Ghost team tried a public roadmap in the past and it became a time sink for the dev team for value that didn’t justify it. Now the roadmap is generally private. However, there’s an “Ideas” section here were you can search for features to vote for, or add new ideas.

Also, in the code base there are flags for “alpha” and “beta” features, so when something is an active experiment or close to being released, we can see that. Right now, I don’t see code in that state about comment moderation. So I recommend you head over to the Ideas section and see if there’s already a feature request about this topic.

I’m sure Ghost users with active comment communities or that are just prone to abuse will be interested in that.

On the other hand, I think it could also be fair for Ghost to keep native comments simple, expecting that people will use a third-party solution for advanced needs.

thanks for the context, I knew absolutely nothing coming into this.

I think you’re absolutely right, the vast majority of ghost users probably wont need anything more complicated that what we already have. But I think the uncertainty is extremely uncomfortable. For instance, if I knew for a fact that they wouldn’t expand on comments, then I can pivot to a 3rd party. But I would love to start using the comments as is, but the unclear migration path to something else like disqus is worrying.

But I cannot imagine them not at least adding a centralized comment view somewhere. It’s too low hanging fruit. So I feel like that must be in the works, and if not it would be simple -ish to write one in a few days.

Would love to hear what the devs are doing here, although I wouldn’t expect ghost itself to get in the business of comment moderation, it really does need to expose something that can possibly hook into other systems. If I knew that an AI powered comment moderation integration was on the roadmap, I would feel much more comfortable picking ghost.

I did try to post into ideas, but I think there’s a 24h waiting period before replying there. Plus since I could see myself jumping in to write this, I thought I would give dev a go

Sounds like it may be best to use a third party for now. You could migrate back to Ghost native comments if you find what’s implemented meets your needs.