When using image cards, narrow images don't stay centered when they have long captions

I just started using image cards for the first time and noticed something strange happening. When I insert a narrow image (narrower than the width of the window) the image stays centered. Likewise when the narrow image has a caption narrower than the image itself. However, when the narrow image is coupled with a long caption it no longer stays centered but instead moves to as far left as the caption goes.
I can of course fix the issue with the following code:

.kg-image-card.kg-card-hascaption img {
    margin: 0 auto;

Nonetheless, would the non-centering images be a bug, or should I be inserting that code (or something else) into themes I put together?

Thanks for spotting this! That bug is actually being tracked in the Casper theme on GitHub, you can follow along here:

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I noticed that this issue/bug was closed on GitHub recently, although I don’t seem to be able to find any evidence that it’s been addressed anywhere. Furthermore, I just realised that the issue/bug is listed under the Casper repo as opposed to a Ghost repo (which would mean it would fix the issue across the board as opposed to just in the Casper theme). Regardless, should it be assumed that affected users should manually add to their themes the code I mentioned above in order to address the issue?