When using the javascript content-api I can't access feature_image_caption

Hello everyone,

When I am using the javascript content-api and requesting

export async function getSinglePost(postSlug) {
  return await api.posts
      slug: postSlug,
    .catch((err) => {

The object I get from the ghost API doesn’t include

Even though I have information filled out on the feature image caption.
How can I get access to this field?

Thank you.

Hey @kodyVS ! Which version of the SKD and Content API are you using? I’ve checked the response on my local instance for the latest version of Ghost with Content API v4 and the field appeared correctly.

You can check if it’s an SDK or an API problem by making a direct request. You can check it through a browser through a URL in following format:


I had the same issues changing the API to V4 sorted the issue.