Where are email error logs?

I tried to send a post recently but receive a not-so-helpful (“Uh-oh… An unexpected error occurred, please retry sending your newsletter.”). The test email sent for the post worked fine, so not sure why the bulk did not. I see posts on this forum about more detailed error reporting, but not how to access those error logs.

Any suggestions, other than “check your settings” appreciated, since 1. I’ve checked my settings (all 2 of them), and 2. I’ve tested from Preview post and can see the round trip of the test email in Mailgun.

Seems to be related to the bulk send, but I’m only sending about 1,000.


If it’s self-hosted, try /var/www/<your-site-directory-here>/content/logs/ on the server.

If it is self-hosted, check the output of:

journalctl -u '*ghost*'