Where are the updates?

Last update was on November 2023, regarding emojis in editor. Are there other updates in pipeline? I can’t find any clues on what’s in development. Ghost pro user here. Thanks!


You can always have a look at the Github releases: Releases · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub

It’s mostly been bug fixes, but also a few nice improvements (like lazy loading of comments lately).

To be honest, I’m thinking the same. It’s been a while since we got some nice updates (Ghoso Pro user too)

I am just shooting into the dark here, but looking at the LTS page and the date of the Ghost 5 announcement, I might have a feeling on what the core team is working on.

Speculating here, but in my eyes, it’s a normal product development lifecycle. When you’re working on a new major version, it doesn’t make too much sense to add new features into the current one. You rather focus on maintaining it by providing improvements and bug fixes.