Where can I find the OpenAI theme?

Hey guys, I would like to start a new blog, and I must say I really love the OpenAI theme. Though, I haven’t been able to find it on the Ghost marketplace, nor on other websites. So could someone tell me where I can find it? Or where I can find a similar theme?

Hey @foufnir :wave:

There’s no guarantee that a theme used by a site will be available for you to use, since the theme could be custom. I haven’t seen any similar themes, and given the size of OpenAI, I would assume they’re using a custom theme.


i have the same thoughts. The most you could do is inspect the page and see if you can replicate it.

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Interesting, so there is no way to “extract” their theme from their website, and use it as basis for a new custom theme?

Makes total sense, thanks for your answer!

No. Again, you can inspect the page using the dev tools in browsers and see the code so you can learn and try to “duplicate” the theme but you will have to do the coding.

OpenAI might be able to send you their theme since it is available for transfer via zip. It seems aligned with their code and messaging. Maybe give it a try. Would be interested in their response. I admire their use of the theme as well.

Could you please clarify what you mean with that? How can I receive this “zip file” via transfer?

Typically, installing a theme requires it to be zipped, so @surveyor meant they may have the zip file already on-hand - you want to zip your files whenever transferring them from one party to another (e.g., email, cloud storage, etc.).

it is surely the most beautiful theme ever seen for Ghost. It would be fantastic if they shared it.