What themes are missing in Ghost marketplace?


What Ghost themes do you need but can’t find in Ghost marketplace or elsewhere? As a theme developer, I am wondering what to build next. Ghost marketplace already has quite a few blogging and magazine themes but maybe you are looking for something specific and cannot find. Please let me know and I will consider to build it.


Great thought.

A theme for portfolio?


I think there’s a big opportunity in porting over the most popular open source themes for other platforms to Ghost :slight_smile:


I personal would love to see the beautiful Themes by Anders Norén being converted/imported to the Marketplace from Ghost.

Specially the newer Ones. :grinning:


These guys have a few free themes/frameworks that could be translated into Ghost themes:


I thought about that too as currently there are no themes with this functionality.


Good idea! Thank you, John.


Thank you for the link. Yep, some themes would work great with Ghost.