Where did the themes changelog go?


There used to be a changelog available at https://themes.ghost.org/docs/changelog listing Ghost updates that affect theme developers. With the recent update to the docs, that now redirects to https://docs.ghost.org/api/handlebars-themes/, with no changelog in sight.

Can someone help me find where the changelog is located now? Thanks!


You could find that there, https://github.com/TryGhost/Ghost/releases


Thanks @themeix. The GitHub releases page is useful, but doesn’t really replace the previous changelog. Because it lists every little bugfix for all of Ghost, whether it’s relevant to theme developers or not, the signal-to-noise ratio for theme developers is suboptimal. And if you miss a few releases, you have to wade through acres of release notes to figure out if you missed any important changes.

I signed up for the theme developer mailing list on gscan.ghost.org a while ago, which sounded like it could replace the changelog — but haven’t gotten anything from it yet. Is this just me? Have anyone received notifications from that list that I somehow missed?


Nothing has been sent to that list - when there is something relevant changing in Ghost which theme developers need to know about then we’ll send an email to it.

The independent theme changelog was a lot of work to maintain and pretty much nobody used it (you might have been the only one) so I’m afraid it didn’t make sense to keep doing


Thanks for the reply @John. You can always count on that one loyal user to whine when their pet feature goes missing :stuck_out_tongue:

If I can count on the email list to hear about changes I need to hear about, I’m happy. In fact, that’s even more convenient than a changelog. I was just worried the list was dead, since I hadn’t gotten anything from it…


No problem :slight_smile: