Where do featured posts show up?

I designated one of my posts to be featured. But when I view my site to see how it will look, the featured section does not show up anywhere on the homepage. Is this basic feature just not available in all themes made by Ghost? And if not, does anyone know which themes do support showing featured posts on the homepage?

It depends on the theme. Which theme? Casper puts a little featured icon, so does Ease. Ease also has a featured carousel. Ruby changes the style of the post card.

I didn’t see the Featured section in either Source or Solo. I guess I need to try out Casper or Ease. I’m troubled because I’m finding that each theme has something I need, and no theme has everything I need.

You could definitely write a routing file for Solo so that only featured content shows up on the homepage, for example. Or a bit of CSS to make the ones that are featured look a little bit different (assuming that the theme writes a featured class - most do).

What’s your goal in using featured posts? How do you want the theme to handle them?

Source includes the ability to use featured posts, but you need to enable it in Design settings:

CleanShot 2024-04-02 at 18.12.59

Note that this option only appears when Header style is “Highlight” or “Magazine”