Where is working directory if you use external web hosting?


  1. I host web-server through Gandi(Gandi.net - Gandi.net: Domain Names, Web Hosting, SSL Certificates and Emails) and would like to design it through Ghost.

  2. I have set a default template(Casper)

  3. I would like to install ‘ghost-cli’ in the working directory in order to customize the template.

Here is my question,

If you have external web-server, how can I access working directory where I should install ghost-cli and ghost.

Thank you very much.

Hello! We’ve got a pretty in-depth set of instructions for installing Ghost on gandi that you can follow here:

Hello, David!
Thanks for reply!
Ive just realised that we(small organisation) are using Ghost Web Hosting service rather than Gandi one. We get a domain at gandi.net.

I just wonder how I access 'working directory(for installing and using ghost-cli) in order to edit design of template if we use Ghost Web Hosting?


Oh right! In that case you don’t need to worry about the ghost-cli as we sort that all out for you on Ghost(Pro). Editing the design of your site can be done with our handlebars theming front-end. We have lots of documentation on that:

Thanks David, but I dont really get what you provide for me. Sorry.

I get the idea that I need to use handlers.js for manipulating template design. But I just wonder how I can access to that. I just log in the admin page, and hasn’t found any difference from not pro version.

For example,
How can I access
this directories so that I can access express.hbs, index.hbs, post,hbs and so on…

Sorry that I couldn’t get it easily.

If you head over to your Ghost admin, click on Design in the left hand sidebar and scroll to the bottom you’ll see all your installed themes as well as an option to download them. This will give you all the files you mentioned. Use the documentation I linked to before to help you make changes, and when you’re done upload the theme apply the changes you made.

Happy theming!


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