Where to hire Ghost experts?

Hi again,

I installed basic Ghost in ghost-pro and also in Digital Ocean. everything works very fast and everything is going very well. But I have to do a lot of things:

  • Add advertising
  • Optimize template (theme)
  • Voting system (in post)
  • Etv

Sure they are simple things for someone with experience, but for me, they mean spending hours and hours of reading, trial and error, etc… My work does not allow me to dedicate so much time to learning. That’s why I prefer to dedicate myself to what I’m really good at, creating content.

I’m looking for someone with experience to do the dirty work for me, leave my page to my liking, without losing speed (or at least keep it well in the eyes of google page speed).

Does anyone know if it’s possible to hire a Ghost expert here or on a job exchange website?

thank you

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