Where to host images?

Hi there,

I’m brand new to Ghost and have just set up my blog on Ghost(pro). I have used Wordpress in the past and am loving the simplicity of Ghost so far.

I’m just wondering what the ‘best practice’ is for storing images to post in blog content.

Is it best to just use an image card and upload the photos directly to Ghost(pro)? Or is it better to host them externally and insert via an image link?

If externally - are there any low cost providers that I should look at using? I’ve seen articles suggesting Cloudinary but their plans are far to expensive for my low traffic, non-monetised blog.

Thanks for any suggestions


Yes, that gives you the most integrated image optimisation.

Thanks Kevin. I suspected that might be the case.

Keep up the great work


You can also create a repository on github and upload images to issue comments or PRs. Once the image is uploaded you’ll get a persistent URL for the image. 10mb per image limit but simple and free.

If you do that you’ll lose all image optimisation so you’ll create a worse experience for your readers.