Who is subscribed to each newsletter?

I have a number of newsletters on my site, and various people are subscribed to each. After looking around for a while, I did not find a way to see which members are subscribed to which newsletters other than going into each member’s record. Am I missing something?


I recently asked Ghost a similar question:

I see how to export members - which produces a spreadsheet with some of their account info.

But it does not appear to include which of my newsletters they are signed up for.

This was the response:

You can see which newsletters your members are subscribed to on each of their individual member profile pages, but this data is not included in member exports. This sounds like a great idea, though!

I’d be more than happy to pass along this feedback to our team, for potential improvements to the platform. Though I wouldn’t be able to make any guarantees, I can definitely communicate the use case !


In the meantime, I started trying to set up a Zap to create a spreadsheet with this kind of info… but I had to put it aside for the time being.

Thanks for the info! Glad they at least have it on their feature list, maybe.

If I had access to the backend database, I could pull it out with a query. But, my hosting setup doesn’t include FTP access or MySQL access, so no can do. And I’m not really up for going through hundreds of records one at a time.