Who is subscribed to each newsletter?

I have a number of newsletters on my site, and various people are subscribed to each. After looking around for a while, I did not find a way to see which members are subscribed to which newsletters other than going into each member’s record. Am I missing something?


I recently asked Ghost a similar question:

I see how to export members - which produces a spreadsheet with some of their account info.

But it does not appear to include which of my newsletters they are signed up for.

This was the response:

You can see which newsletters your members are subscribed to on each of their individual member profile pages, but this data is not included in member exports. This sounds like a great idea, though!

I’d be more than happy to pass along this feedback to our team, for potential improvements to the platform. Though I wouldn’t be able to make any guarantees, I can definitely communicate the use case !


In the meantime, I started trying to set up a Zap to create a spreadsheet with this kind of info… but I had to put it aside for the time being.

Thanks for the info! Glad they at least have it on their feature list, maybe.

If I had access to the backend database, I could pull it out with a query. But, my hosting setup doesn’t include FTP access or MySQL access, so no can do. And I’m not really up for going through hundreds of records one at a time.

I only launched recently so I ended up on a rabbit hole going through all 500 or so members… I added tags to people who had no email - or only had my weekly email or only had news alerts… That really only captured the data at a single point in time, but it did allow me to tailor/segment a newsletter in a way that I could not have otherwise done. It probably wasn’t worth it … I asked them again if they could make this easier. It seems like it would be super feasible to output this in the member spreadsheet.

Yes – I’m sure the data is in the database. Just a matter of putting it into the query and pulling the data into the report.

An awesome Ghost support person (Jon Hickman) gave me the solution. There’s a filter called “received mail” - and you can use it to find out who is on which list.

I needed this as a work-around because I wanted to send my weekly email to my daily list. And then also to the weekly email folks who were NOT on the daily list… as I’m working to promote it. I used labels to create the segment I needed.

Anyway, the “received mail” filter was perfect. I checked by exporting both lists and deduping to confirm that was showing me the right results, and it was.