View subscriptions to different newsletters

I have two newsletters on my self-hosted Ghost 5 installation. Is there a way of viewing subscriptions to each one individually? I’ve gone through the filters in Dashboard but can’t see a way of doing that.


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Hey there! You’re right there’s no filter for this at the moment but it’s on the radar for future feature improvements.

Curious to know more about your use case. Is there something specific you’re trying to do, or are you generally just looking to see how many members are subscribed to each newsletter? :)

Good to hear! As you suggest, I’m just curious about how many members are subscribed to each newsletter.

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Bumping this up because I have a similar need. I have some newsletters that are only open to persons on certain tiers, but anyone can click the toggle on the profile popup. I would like to see who is subscribed to each newsletter so I can contact the ones who opted in as to why they aren’t receiving it.

The member export doesn’t include their newsletter subscriptions. At present, the only way I can see to do this is to go through hundreds of member records one by one and write down their subscriptions. I can do that if I have to, but I am hoping there may be a better way.

Hi Bruce,
It looks like the data you want is all in the admin api /members endpoint. That could be a good addition for Phantom Admin, if it isn’t going to get into the Ghost core soon. :slight_smile:

Definitely. Would be a good addition to the tool.