Why do Pages Not Have Their Meta Titles in Ghost Casper (3.0)

I just noticed that in Ghost 3.x (and maybe before) Pages do not have proper titles in the HTML tag while posts do.

For example, on my site a blog post:

The Page Title is in the tag.

For a page

The Page Title is not in the tag, instead the site name is the title tag.

Not good for SEO.

Have searched quite a bit, found some older things on pages titles for routing, but just want to change this. I couldn’t see how the title is derived in templates, it looks like it should be the meta title, but it isn’t.

Thank you!

This is a bug - looking right now

Hey @mgoldman :wave: We are tracking the bug here https://github.com/TryGhost/Ghost/issues/11357 and the fix for it will most likely be out with next release :wink:


Awesome. thank you for your very fast response!