Why are my /amp/ pages without title tags?

I use semrush to do some SEO in my site.
The current theme I’m using right now is Casper theme
So, here’s the problem: Semrush diagnosed that all /amp/ pages of my blog’s articles, have no title tags
and it wasn’t like this before
What could this be? How can I solve this?

I’m also using SemRush but never faced this error, can you please explain your problem more briefly?

Well, I’m used to using site audit, to make my site have a better performance and stuff.
One day, out of nowhere, like, +107 errors popped out of nowhere.
When checking what it was
They’re all in the “missing title tags” category.
And all of the addresses, are the mobile versions of my articles.
Apparently, all meta titles are gone, meanwhile the desktop versions remain fine

Have you confirmed semrush’s report? When you visit the AMP page, is there a title tag?

Just solved it.
Apparently, you guys know that thing pop up in ghost that says some-thing like "erase the (meta_ description) line on amp.hbs because it’s not necessary due to ghost_head already having it?
So, I’ve erased that, and the mobile_title as well, when fixing that.