Why does Adsense keep saying it can't verify my site?

I’ve placed the code in the code injection, and I keep getting this error:


I’ve done html on site pages, and I tried doing a txt file, but my site broke when I uploaded the custom theme, so I left those alone.

There’s not enough information in this post for us to help you. Could you please show exactly what code you’re placing in which code injection? Ideally with a link to the live site?

Is it safe for me to post my auto ads code publicly?

Although I’m placing the code in this code injection

Spectacled Game Reviews|Deep Thoughts and In-Depth Reviews.

To verify site ownership you need to add either a DNS record or an HTML property.

I see the code there. Just above it, I see some h3 tags. Those do not belong in the head code injection (h3 tags go in body), and I wonder if they’re messing up your validation. Try removing them temporarily and see if the validation works?

You may want to also check your settings for “impact-site-verification”, which you seem to be setting twice, once to undefined. I don’t think that’s related to your google ads problem, but it may be a problem for whatever is using it.

Could you clarify so I can make sure I’m understanding you right?

H3 tags go in the body? You mean I add them to my post/page content, right?

Otherwise, I did try to add the code when nothing else was added in there and it still wouldn’t verify.

Right. If you put them in the code injection, they end up inside the <head> tags for the page, where they’re not supposed to be - it could be confusing anything checking the page head for a code.

Still not working. I removed them and it’s still saying the same thing.

Is there something that could be blocking google adsense from crawling my site?

You need to verify site ownership before adding the ad code. Typically, add a DNS record, upload a text file to HTML root, or a property in the home page.

Are you talking about search console? If yes, then I’m already verified.

Once your site is verified you need to upload the ads.txt file to your root folder.

AdSense code snippet

Ads.txt snippet

Meta tag
Im also …Icant Verify to …
Some Help me Please…

Your links didn’t come through. Please try again, or paste them here. A link to the live site is also super helpful.