Why does ctrl-Z in Editor mode refresh the page?

Why does ctrl-Z in Editor mode refresh every tweet on the page?

Does anyone know how to fix this?

By default, Ctrl-Z is undo in the editor, and this is usually a key binding used by the OS. Therefore, I’d check your key bindings in your OS keyboard settings.

Thanks for responding. I’m not quite sure what you mean though? How do I change my key bindings? (I’m on Windows 10)

I don’t use Windows, so can’t offer much assistance here, but the following guide may help. However, before doing anything, have you tried Ctrl-Z in a text editor or word processor? Does this work correctly?

I think it’s a quirk of the editor and how the post content is stored/updated - I see the same behavior for YouTube as well.


Control Z works perfectly fine on anywhere else. The undo also works n Ghost editor as well, just that it annoying refreshes the page every time you use it as well.