How do I update post status in one click?

Using ghost admin editor post area, I’m forced to click update than update again. Sometimes, when post is a draft, I have to click 3 times. How do I just remove the popup and make it “update” when I click update? I’ve noticed a few of these annoying nags since dabbling with ghost.

Press CTRL+S and update instantly



Do you have any other mini tips? I didn’t even find that hotkey on

What about “Post / Page Preview” button on the actual editor page? What if I don’t wanna hit CTRL + S to look for popup in bottom left corner? Do you know of any other hidden shortcut keys?

Thanks again!!

hello, glad to help.
It is not a quick command of the ghost editor, but a keyboard shortcut working on almost all software.

CTRL + S = save
CTRL + C = copy
CTRL + V = paste
CTRL + X = cut
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