Why is pasting text so random?

I am pasting paragraphs of text into the Ghost 5.36.1 editor (on latest Safari) and sometimes it formats it as paragraphs and sometimes it just sticks the text in and does nothing with it (i.e. no paragraphs). Does Ghost just not like Safari? I just made three draft posts, two formatted the content (even some markdown) correctly and one (with no markdown actually) did no formatting at all. There is nothing special about the text, it’s just paragraphs. This is rather irritating, I am trying to convert a couple of hundred old posts manually and I am not typing them in again.

Ok I tried in latest Chrome. Same problem. What could this be?

OK it seems to require an extra empty line between paragraphs. Strange.

Maybe that is required by Markdown so this is working correctly.

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It probably depends on the source rather than the browser / Ghost editor.