Problems with pasting text from Notepad to Ghost editor

Ghost editor appears to treat pasted text differently than the text which was written directly.

The differences are already seen in the draft mode.

And in the published mode it looks even more horrible:

Not only some unwanted grey background is present, but also certain words are in bold.

How can I fix it?

I’m pasting text from Notepad on Windows 10 if that’s important

i can’t post more than one printscreen here in the discussion post, which is ridiculous.

So here is how the difference between written and pasted text looks like in the editor:

Here is even more weird stuff related to pasting text from external sources.

If i have a line which is preceded with a hyphen, like this:

“- Here is some text”

Then in the editor the hyphen is being converted into a bullet point:


I want to retain the original hyphen - how can i do it?

I just tried replicating this with my theme (Edge) and it’s working fine with pasted text.
What theme are you using?

If you put “- Here is some text” into a markdown field in Ghost, you’ll get the hyphen turned into a bullet point. But if you just paste it into the editor, it’s normal for me…

If you’re pasting text that is formatted like markdown then it will be automatically converted to the equivalent rich-text. To avoid auto formatting then you can paste with Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+v.