Will we get a "Plans available after signup" option in portal?

Bit of a feature request for the Portal.

I’m sure it’s coming at some point, but currently, the Portal is designed around Signups. Which works perfectly fine. But is there any plan to introduce an option for ‘Plans available after signup’ ?

Plans available at signup, tick the free option only. Encouraging signups. Awesome.

  • This makes people become a non paid member.
  • Now I’d like to give them the option to upgrade, not at the first step. Only once they become a member.

So if free signup = non paid member. Then introduce a ‘Plans available after signup’. And offer monthly or yearly paid upgrade.

EDIT: Even a working link to stripe checkout would do the job. As long as it doesn’t show in public signup.

Thanks in advance!

Yes - we’re adding links to all plans individually (free/monthly-checkout/yearly-checkout) so you can create buttons encouraging specific actions. Should be available in the next 2 weeks


Hi John, did you implement this feature? Maybe I’m missing something, but when I use any of the links for specific trial offers and put them in a button, nothing happens, my link just takes me to the home page.

What I’m trying to do is convert existing FREE members to a paid plan. But I cant see how to do that. I have the same question now as @samjamesnz had in Nov 2020.