Offers preview/portal

Hi, I’m trying out the offers feature. Looking through our docs it shows that when creating an offer you see the preview and then you can go to the link of the offer and you see the portal offer window.

However I don’t see the preview and the link goes straight through to stripe. Any ideas

Hi @rickdonato - Are you displaying the portal flow for sign ups / subscriptions on the frontend of your site? If you are not displaying Portal on your site then it goes directly to Stripe instead of firing the portal-based modal.

Hey thanks. When you say displaying portal flow. How do you mean?
The portal links are accessible from my site. I just don’t present the links to them on my site.

Portal is enabled and working. Is there something else I need to enable?

I meant presenting the links to users. The assumption made was that if you’re not presenting them then you’re generally using your own custom subscribe pages vs. portal pages. Therefore, portal pages are skipped entirely as Stripe still clearly explains the discount and this strategy also affords the ability to use custom offer pages.

Are you using the portal subscribe flow and just not displaying the button?

Ah ok I see. You need to enable the portal button to be able to see the offer pop up. Is there anyway to show the portal offer popup without the button?


Hi @rickdonato - Apologies for the delay. I missed your reply. That is correct, the portal button needs to be enabled for the offer window to show. If it is not, it will go directly to Stripe. That is how things work now but we will consider this feedback as we make improvements in the future.